Paul D Brazill’s ‘You would say that wouldn’t you?’

Paul’s blog comes across pretty bland until you get a closer look at the information on it.  He gives us a clear representation of the work being promoted and each contributor has a chance to put their money’s worth into the feed.  Appearance is basic, yet its merits lie in the content of the work, the images of book covers contrast nicely to the jet black background.  I particularly like the header which depicts a middle aged man deep in thought and holding onto a tumbler of a spirit of some sort.  It gives off a 1940/50s detective Mickey Spillane feel to it. So here are the scores I’ve given ‘You would say that wouldn’t you?’

Appearance : 4

Content : 9

Diversity of content : 7

Sidebar content : 7

Header : 8

Total out of 100 : 70% – Good

Well done on a clean cut, simplistic blog that is definitely undisturbed by horrible adverts and other irritating dancing images.

Crisp and clean.

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