Victoria Watson : Elementary Watson

Slightly garish and nauseating on the eyes unfortunately, Vicky. The pinks aren’t good for my eyes. However, on the upside to your blog, you have a good range of information on the sidebar which is, like Paul D Brazill’s, uncluttered with adverts and flashing images. Your menu bar on the top, though simplistic has a good drop down function that gives me, in an instant, sub menus to navigate to. One thing that is aesthetically unpleasing to the eyes is the ‘Tag Cloud’ at the bottom of the side bar. One thing that’s good here is the diversity of work, given that your chosen field is the written word. Here’s the scores on the doors for you Vicky.

Appearance : 3

Content : 8

Diversity of content : 9

Sidebar content : 8

Header : 6

Total out of 100 : 68% – Good

I’d personally change the colour Vicky and spice up the header a bit. As for the material in the blog, spot on – lots of it and enough take peoples’ attention away from the bright pink background!

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