Editor Mensa Magazine, Brian Page

“…Not for the faint-hearted but a brilliant set of stories and some wonderful characters..

There’s a gritty realism about Craig Douglas’ book, a collection of tales that could only be told by someone who was there and lived through events from action on the frontline to bar room brawls.

It’s not a book for the squeamish – or those who object to barrack room language.

But it is most definitely a book for people who like their stories painted with the brush of realism and wallpapered with characters ranging from the rough and gruff to the brilliantly funny.

The description of the Geordie lads* (and the ‘smog monster’ from Middlesbrough) on a weekend away ‘down south’ is a marvelous mix of farce and pathos – and conversely the traumatised couple clinging to each other in Rejoice in Thy Youth provide a terrible (in all senses of the word) moving moment.  Shot through these stories, and perhaps the most important aspect to Craig’s work, is one constant – honesty.”

Brian Page, November 2011, Mensa Magazine,p11

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