Darren Sant

Darren Sant was born in 1970 and raised in Stoke-on-Trent in Staffordshire which is in the United Kingdom. He moved to Hull in East Yorkshire in 2001.

A life long avid reader he always wanted to be a writer. However, teenage years, girls, work, pubs and football provided adequate distraction until his late twenties. After attending a few creative writing classes he started writing poetry. After moving to Hull he joined a writing group called the Renegade Writers who gained infamy by doing performance poetry with a Rock N Roll ethos. Following the split of the Renegade Writers he settled down a little and didn’t write for a while.

He became interested in writing again when his friend, Nick Boldock, introduced him to the Radgepacket series by Byker Books. These anthologies had a gritty urban feel to them and prided themselves on being “Industrial Strength” fiction. He wrote a story for the 4th volume in the series. The story “The Ungrateful Dead” was followed by another he wrote which was subsequently published in the 5th Radgepacket volume “Back Street Redemption”.

Darren was next published by Pill Hill Press in an anthology with a story called Firestorm. The anthology was called ePocalypse: Emails at the end. A story co-written with Nick Boldock.

Darren’s stories have appeared in various online publications such as The Flash Fiction Offensive, Pulp Metal, Thrillers Killers N Chillers and Shotgun Honey. He continues to write stories but also writes for a blog called Close To The Bone. He reviews everything he reads on his own book blog Daz’s Short Book Reviews.

In August 2011 he started writing stories for a publisher called Trestle Press. His releases include:

Tales from the Longcroft Estate: A Good Day (Aug 2011).  Review here : http://wp.me/P1Y3GB-1o

Tales from the Longcroft Estate: Community Spirit (Sept 2011). Review here : http://wp.me/P1Y3GB-1u

Flashes of Revenge (Sept 2011).

Severed: In The Beginning (Oct 2011 – Co-written with Sam Lang) Review here : http://wp.me/P1Y3GB-2B

Tales from the Longcroft Estate: Rowan’s Folly (October 2011)

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